The geeRaf arrived in just a few days and in a nice padded envelope, complete with a few extras.  I've had it for a few weeks now.  I wondered how it would work, but I thought it was worth trying out.  I was a little worried about how it would feel and if it was fragile.  It fit well out of the box, but I've adjusted it a few times to get the fit perfect.  Fragile?  Not at all.  In fact it's suprisingly flexible and yet tough at the same time.  I do forget I have it on, it's so light and doesn't pinch or grip like I thought it may have.  Very pleased with it and how well it works.

Sam T.   Ann Arbor, MI

I love my geeRaf! I no longer have to resort to routing my cord through my sports bra (which was never a great solution) and my ear buds actually stay in my ears. I can use them when I do yoga, something I never had the pleasure of doing until now. I even talked my Dad, a man who can’t stand to have anything around his neck, into trying them. He loved them and said he didn’t even notice the geeRaf after a few moments. Excellent solution to a very annoying problem.

Denile H.   Lexington, KY

The geeRaf worked exactly as described and it's very comfortable. My earphones were always getting yanked out as I set up the weight machines at my gym, but with the geeRaf, I no longer have this problem. Also, if I stop listening to speak to someone, the earphones can hang nicely in place without flapping around. One unexpected benefit: I sometimes listen to the radio when I work out and the earphone cord functions as the antenna for my player. Now that I am using the geeRaf, I seem to be getting much better reception. Bonus!

Wendy B.   Durham, NC

I use the geeRaf for every show I play and people are always asking me "what's that?" I tell them it's my secret weapon. No more taping the wires of my in-ears to my back. No more snagging them on anything nearby. With the geeRaf they never get pulled out until after the show!

Chris B.   Musician, Louisville, KY

My 9 year old daughter confiscated my geeRaf to help tame her cables when plugged into her iPad...she LOVES it and can't wait to get one in PINK!

Jennifer E.   San Antonio, TX

I have my geeRaf with me most of time. At school and on the bus. The colors are ok but I’d like to get some other colors too. I think the best thing is being able to put your earphones in and out easily, without having to wind them up or leave them hanging from one ear.

Maddie B.   KY

I work in construction and I do a lot of moving around. The geeRaf keeps the wires close to my body, and out of the way - no more tangling or ripping them out. It works AWESOME with safety glasses and a hard hat too!

Austen R.   Seattle, WA

I like them because they keep the earphones in my ears and the cords out of the way when I'm on a run.

Maryssa S.   Richmond, KY

I was always having problems with my earbuds, especially on the treadmill.  I tried the sport earbuds that hook over my ears.  They worked but always got uncomfortable and I would still sometimes yank them with my arms when running.  The geeRaf is great.  It's very comfortable and the cords are tucked away so I don't get them caught.  Fantastic idea that makes you wonder why nobody thought of it before. 

Greg McD.   Fredericksburg, VA

I play soccer - go FCB and Lionel Messi! I use it with my buds when I’m kicking the ball around by myself, which I couldn’t do before without hassles.

Reese B.   Richmond, KY

I am attending college so I take my ear buds in and out often between studying and going to classes. With the geeRaf, I found I can do this easily and not lose them in my shirt. It really keeps them tied up nicely!

Spencer R.   Seattle, WA

I can work around the house and it keeps the buds from popping out all the time. Very handy!

Steve B., Richmond, KY