Install your earphones onto the geeRaf in just seconds and be free of all the annoying problems, frustration and irritation.

  • No more earbuds that fall-out or are pulled out from tight or snagged cables.
  • No more loose cables that get tangled, irritate your face, obstruct vision and get in your way.
  • Secure ergonomic fit that moves with you and feather-light, weighing in at only 0.4 oz. (11gm.)
  • Compatible with virtually all earphones including flat cables, inline mic/controllers and asymmetric sets.
  • Enjoy the full sound stage, and audio and microphone pick-up quality with your wired earphones.
  • No batteries to charge and no excessive drain on your device.



Problem...solved, with a geeRaf

Earbuds + Music = Movement .... Movement + loose cables  = %@!&#$!
Chances are, if you listen to music while you work (or work-out),
you know about this already. 
geeRaf = problem solved!
If you know anything about the strange places nasty germs can be found, then you know there's worse places for it to land than in a coffee cup!
Don't let tight cables routed under clothing prevent you from landing a sick 940 twisted quintuple-cork inverted rooster-chunk on the half-pipe, or turn you into that dude at the park with the weird 'Mr Bean' running style.
Loose cables seem to attract everything you don't want to attract, especially low-hanging tree branches. We've even heard stories about trail-runners in the south-west being harrassed by red-tailed hawks.
Cabled sound is and will always be superior to wireless - period. No batteries to charge, no excessive drain on your device shortening its service life. And 87.6% more likely to look cool.
Sooo much more comfortable and easier to wear than earhooks or neckbands.  Besides, you really shouldn't have to choose between sound and sunglasses.


  • The geeRaf is a patented earphone cable tethering device for your earphones.
  • Install your earphone cables onto the geeRaf using a winding motion, then slip the geeRaf onto your neck.
  • To ensure comfort and a perfect fit, adjustments can be easily made by hand without the need for tools.
  • Earphones can remain installed - in fact this often prevents those messy bird’s nest storage situations.
  • High quality materials and construction and careful design ensure the geeRaf is built to last.