Determining Your Size

Five sizes fit everyone from kids and petite women to NFL linebackers.

XS (Extra-small),  S (Small),  M (Medium),  L (Large),  XL (Extra-large).

Every neck fits two sizes, but it is recommended to select toward the smaller size. The average adult woman fits S (Small), while the average adult man fits M (Medium).  Most pre-teens will fit XS (Extra-small).

For more accurate sizing, measure the circumference of your neck at collar level and select the corresponding size from the chart.

geeRaf Size Neck Circumference (inches)  (cm)
XS < 12 < 32
S 12.5 - 14 32 - 36
M 14 - 15.5 36 - 40
L 15.5 - 17 40 - 44
XL > 17 > 44



Wearing the geeRaf

The geeRaf is designed to be worn around the neck, typically at a midway location. Be sure the geeRaf label is upright and the tips of the arms are angled downward at the front for correct ergonomic fit.

The geeRaf should fit comfortably and lightly hold onto the sides of your neck, such that it soon becomes unnoticeable.  Unless it is immediately uncomfortable, we recommend you wear the geeRaf for a brief period to be sure an adjustment is needed. If during this period you are constantly aware of the geeRaf pressing your neck, an adjustment is probably needed.



Adjusting the geeRaf

To facilitate adjustment the geeRaf's initial shape is often too snug for most people, however we recommend you wear the geeRaf for a brief period to be sure an adjustment is necessary. Many people take several minutes to become accustomed to the feeling of wearing the geeRaf, in the same manner as wearing a wristwatch or jewelry for the first time.

Before making any adjustments, make a note of the initial shape such as the size of the opening - the distance between the tips of the arms. Use this to ensure only small adjustments of less than 0.5 in. (1cm) are made each time.

To reduce the holding pressure on the sides your neck the geeRaf may be stretched by spreading the two arms as shown (top). Use only small incremental adjustments and wear the geeRaf between adjustments to check the fit.

The geeRaf may also be adjusted in specific areas such as straightening a particular section as shown (bottom). Do not use tools that will damage the geeRaf. Make only small adjustments and check fit between each adjustment.

adjusting your geeraf
adjusting your geeraf

Installing Earphone Cables

Earphones are installed onto the geeRaf by a simple winding technique.  Begin by holding the cable and the geeRaf together between thumb and fingers, and with the other hand wind the earphone cable around the arm in the same direction as the coils. The cable will become positioned inside the coils. If not, you are winding in the wrong direction. Use the exact same winding motion to install the cables into the other coils and to entwine with the stabilization portion.

When winding the cables, use only slight tension. Once installed, wear the geeRaf and place the earpieces in your ears. Check that the length of cable between the geeRaf and the earpieces is sufficient to allow free movement of the head without pulling on the earpieces. Avoid excessive length of cable which is more likely to annoy. If adjustment is needed, it is typically easiest to remove the geeRaf from your neck and gently feed the cable back or forth as necessary - there is no need to unwind the cables.

There are several routes to install the cables, according to your preference. Most people opt for the symmetrical routing which routes the main trunk cable to the back of the neck - this is also the simplest to do.


When Not in Use

To avoid tangled cables during storage or when not in use, the cables may be wound gently around the geeRaf, and placed inside the carry-bag with or without your device.

Use slight tension when winding cables around geeRaf, sufficient to slightly flex the branches. The branches will spring back outwardly and this will help to prevent the cables from slipping from the geeRaf.

If needed, use the plastic clip to clamp any loose ends.

adjusting your geeraf