The geeRaf™ Story

The geeRaf was invented by Nick, an ex-pat New Zealander who now calls the USA home.

Nick is a fairly active guy.  He’s always participating in sports and he lives on a farm, so there’s always a long “To Do” list. He likes his music but doesn’t have time to sit around and just listen.  He had recognized the problem of unrestrained cables and dealt with the problems using the typical ineffective methods everyone does.

It was during a winter session of cutting firewood complete with heavy clothing, protective gear, hats and gloves that the annoyance of loose cables prompted the decision to find a solution.  The first geeRaf prototype was made from a piece of metal, door sealing foam strips and a few pieces of vinyl tubing.  It was not pretty, but it worked. 

And then things got busy .... basic concepts sketched out, more prototypes built, designs refined, patent searches, patent agents, attorneys, visits to factories and meetings with manufacturers, un-countable iterations, learning about all sorts of potential materials and the machines that are used to mold, stamp, bend, cut, attach or otherwise transform those materials into usable items.

Several years after that particular firewood session, the geeRaf is patented, in production and available to everyone and anyone who’s tired of all the hassles of loose, out of control cables.

There are a number of new versions of the geeRaf in the works - different materials, different functions, high-tech components.  All designed and built to make listening while doing something other than sitting still so much easier. 

Nick is compulsive when it comes to functional design and quality, something that is clearly evident in the materials, construction and performance of the geeRaf.  It is built to last.

geeRaf Co. is an independent, family-run company with a well developed sense of responsibility and strong ethics.  We're based right on our farm - a permanent home for 23 horses, 13 dogs, 6 cats, 3 pet pigs, and usually a sick or injured wild animal we're nursing back to health - so we know all about responsibility and commitment.  

We want to stay close to all our customers so we would love to hear from you and see what you're doing with your geeRaf.

It's still work, but that never ends around a farm and at least now I'm not having to stop to reposition earbuds.
Nicely posed family photos are impossible - even with just a fraction of it!